My first full day of water fasting and I’m already hallucinating about food.

At my desk with a large cup of water

I think that I’ve gone mad thinking about food whilst not eating any, is it normal to keep talking to myself about how it’s not ok to have dinner today?

Today is my first full fast day in preparation for my 4 days fast that starts on the 9th this month, I still have a 2 day fast later this week to get through and honestly I’m no longer looking forward to it as much as I had been, I’m pretty much hallucinating about food right now which might be good because it’s supposed to be a challenge and not a cakewalk, “mmm” cakewalk “yum,” but I admit that I’ve been caught a little off guard today and I admit to being a bit cocky going into this pre-fast week, my low carb day yesterday was lots of fun, today is not fun at all.

I figured that this is mainly because I’m a constant eater, I eat when I’m bored, I eat when I’m not bored, I eat when I’m hungry, when I’m not hungry, I eat on the go, I eat lying down, I eat and I eat and I eat, my wife and my kids all know that if they leave something around I’ll eat it, leftovers or cake it doesn’t matter. If there are chocolates or crisps anywhere in the flat I will find them and I will eat them. I’m basically daddy pig from one of my girl’s favorite kid shows, Peppa Pig and just like Daddy Pig, I like to show off a lot but really I’m just fat and eat all of the time.

I’m pretty much through the day now so all I need to do is find a way to get to sleep tonight whilst I’m trying not to think about stripping the wallpaper and seasoning it with salt and pepper before chowing down, I don’t think it will go well, but I’m committed now and as far as I know there might be worse to come, I’ve heard many people saying that the first day is the worst but honestly I’m worried they might all be like this.

I’ve tried to do a few things today to take my mind off food such as drinking lots of liquids and meditation which has helped to a degree, my guess is that with more time I could have become fat adapted, then the fasting periods would be far easier, kind of like weaning yourself off food.

So is the first day really the worst?

What is everyone else’s experience?

Do you think that focusing on getting fat adapted before attempting any fast is the way to go and if so how would you wean yourself off food for a fast?


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