Hunger is all in the mind, I’ve learned that fasting is easier on the body than it is on the mind.

Girl holding ice cream

I wanted to briefly talk about a phenomena that I’ve experienced by fasting for around 40 hours (which is basically two nights and a day with change) – the phenomena is that most of the pain is mental and not physical, it’s very strange, the body experiences some discomfort and maybe a headache or two then after a while it starts to get into it, even feeling better.

The mind, on the other hand is a strange beast and is more like a 500 pound gorilla throwing a toddlers tantrum after you’ve stolen its candy, it cries, it amplifies the pain and it constantly keeps trying to get you to eat, it is literally your worst enemy during a fast and that kind of sucks.

The second day of fasting was easier for me despite my fears in the previous post that it would be worse or the same and it’s mainly because my mind quietened down a little and I got to feel more of what my body was feeling which was actually quite positive, I also experienced a raised mood and only a few dips in energy, overall I’m quite happy with today, in fact, it wasn’t until I broke my fast properly at lunchtime that I started to have some issues, mainly bloating  which might just be my stomach coming back online after resting.

Temptations were running pretty high today, we took our two girls to the science museum as they love the sensory play area in the basement, its located near the Albert Hall and we needed to travel through Kensington to get there, there was lots of food advertisements and smells, however, my one big temptation for the day was the little pink and white ice cream van that was on the way back from the museum, I could smell the ice cream as I got close but I decided not to ask for a taste from my daughters as I felt it would likely just leave me feeling more hungry, it was hard to stop staring at it as it disappeared behind giant sugar spike grins.

Girl holding ice cream
Temptation is everywhere!

I will be going into the longer fast tomorrow which will run close to 64 hours which will be two days and three nights, I think that it will be really important for me to come to terms with the fact that hunger is mainly in the mind and the body barely suffers as long as it has fat to burn!

If hunger is mainly in the mind then what are some good ideas for distracting it or training it to get more in synch with the body?

Let me know.


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