Trying to fast whilst being stressed and tired was too much for me, I quit! And for good reasons.

Maybe it’s not such a good idea to try to complete an extended water fast whilst your working long hours and stressed from looking after two small children, it kind of seems like I should have realized that in hindsight.
I remember reading a few posts and books about people who had struggled to fast mainly due to stress and working long hours, I hoped that they were anecdotal however I now realize that maybe they were wisdom.

It is incredibly hard to fast when things are stressful, I’d mentioned that most of the pain from fasting is caused by the mind and not the body, the mind is much worse under stressful conditions and it’s easier to run out of what little willpower you might have when your hours are long and someone is screaming at you for fun (not my clients).

Since both myself and my wife were fasting in one way or another there was no support beam in our house and this morning with two screaming toddlers, one of them demanding incessantly not to be taken to nursery in the morning and the other just going mental (being weaned off the dummy) and my wife looking like she wanted to crawl into a dark hole somewhere I decided that enough was enough, I’d been dizzy and fatigued from my business appointment as well and I’m sure if I’d had work all day it would have massively impacted what I was doing.

I will add my own voice to the many that have advised not to fast if your working long hours and frazzled because you may not have the willpower to get through the more demanding moments.

Today at the start of my longer pre-challenge fast I called it quits, it’s more of an abort than a failure but it still counts as one, I’m a little disappointed but I’m also glad that it happened this morning before I went into the four days, my family is important to me and I have to be able to look after all of them and the fast put me into a condition that wasn’t sustainable at all.

I’m going to introduce more ketogenic meals into my diet for a while to try and get into fat adaption to see if this leads to natural short fasts and then if I feel comfortable I will go for longer periods during less stressful days, simple, then I can look at attempting the challenge at another time.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash. I failed!

It’s ok to be stressed and there are moments in all of our lives when everything gets very difficult or challenging and it can and will affect our ability to manage our diets and health, especially if we do not already have rock-solid habits, with that being said we also have to keep trying because just giving up is never an option.

I will write up what I’ve learned and post my blood glucose tests and weight loss whilst fasting for those that are interested.

I apologize to myself and others for biting off more than I can chew, for now, lesson learned.


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