The 4 day fast is still going ahead, this time with a small change (bone broth) – and a little apology from me.

Bag of chicken bones, bone broth

I’ve been feeling a bit embarrassed about my most recent decision to back out of my 4-day water fasting challenge before it had even begun and I felt quite depressed even though at the time I thought it was the right thing to do.

The truth is that I didn’t think that I would be able to complete the final 2 fasting days of the pre-fast and then go into the actual 4 days of the fast, it all felt like WAY too much especially when me and my wife were both suffering so much and we hadn’t even made it past the morning yet.

I’ve decided that I won’t be backing out, I don’t think that I would be able to face myself or to move forward if I did, if I fail, then I fail, but my 4 day fast starts on the 9th, Monday and I will be starting my fast then to see if I can do it for all 4 days despite having some issues with the prep period and getting ready.

I simply have to at least try and I apologise to anyone reading this for going backwards and forwards, I really did think that I needed to quit a few days ago and I really do think and feel that I need to try now, it’s like being two different people, “no it’s not, yes it is!” See what I mean…. I digress.

I was really interested in seeing how much I rebounded after trying to suppress my cravings with my mind for so many days, it was like I couldn’t say no to anything afterward, when I wasn’t face down in the sofa feeling sorry for myself I was snacking on pasta and binge-watching The Preacher on Amazon Prime (Season 2.) It took a day and a half to feel normal again, beware the rebound, I felt like a zombie when I tried to work in my office or helping tidy up the flat.

I’ve made one alteration to the challenge going forward which is based on advice from many other fasters and from Dr. Fung himself in his book which I’ve previously mentioned.
The change is adding in bone broth so that I have some minerals and a few calories to stop my extreme reactions to the fast.
I can no longer call it a water fast but the total calories per day should be under 100-200 per day and if doing this stops me from getting too stressed then it might be the only way that I can proceed. Let’s see.

I managed to get my hands on a big bag of chicken carcasses from a local butcher today for free as they would likely just throw them out anyway and I’ll be cooking up the broth overnight tonight and tomorrow so that it’s ready for the first day of the fast and beyond, I’ll take a few photos to show you if I get the chance.

Dr. Fung also has a basic recipe on his blog, however, some of his images appear a little broken on my PC.

So here is another recipe from WellnessMama that looks a little more appealing.

Bag of chicken bones, bone broth
Chicken bones for free, it’s time to make some broth.

I need to be far more careful now with my stress levels based on the difficulties that I’ve experienced now, I don’t have as much work booked as usual next week and I’m hoping that there will be more chances to rest and refresh my mind, I should allow myself a few episodes of something to stop myself binging on TV shows and hopefully the broth will make a big difference as well.

If anyone wants to give me some words of encouragement starting from Monday it will be much appreciated.

(Side note)
After listening to Tim Ferriss’s 4 hour work week I’ve decided to begin planning a long business project so there will be some blogs being written more from the business side of what I’m doing.
Based on the section about hiring VAs to outsource work and refining systems before doing so has led me to think about a few ideas for my own inventory business, I’m a little late to the party as this book was released in 2007 however it’s surprising how relevant it still is today.
If your interested in finding out what I’m talking about most of the resources and information can be found on his website for the 4 Hour Work Week, I think this is the most up to date resource, however, I do still recommend the book, which you can read an example of on Amazon.

This is my last blog before the fast starts, so the next post will likely be on the Monday 9th, the first day of my fast, your welcome to join me then.

Good luck to me, let’s see how this goes.


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