The 4 day fast is still going ahead, this time with a small change (bone broth) – and a little apology from me.

Bag of chicken bones, bone broth

I’ve decided that I won't be backing out, I don’t think that I would be able to face myself or to move forward if I did, if I fail, then I fail, but my 4 day fast starts on the 9th, Monday and I will be starting my fast then to see if I can do it for all 4 days despite having some issues with the prep period and getting ready.


Trying to fast whilst being stressed and tired was too much for me, I quit! And for good reasons.

Maybe it’s not such a good idea to try to complete an extended water fast whilst your working long hours and stressed from looking after two small children, it kind of seems like I should have realized that in hindsight.

Hunger is all in the mind, I’ve learned that fasting is easier on the body than it is on the mind.

Girl holding ice cream

I wanted to briefly talk about a phenomena that I’ve experienced by fasting for around 40 hours (which is basically two nights and a day with change) - the phenomena is that most of the pain is mental and not physical, it’s very strange, the body experiences some discomfort and maybe a headache or two then after a while it starts to get into it, even feeling better.

4 days with no food, planning for my first extended water fast.

Empty plate photograph

Fasting is an ancient tradition for many and has been well-documented via the intermittent fasting circle for several years, now various people in the health and wellness industry have been studying and releasing information on longer fasts, extended fast which are anything over 3 days long, there are also bloggers and vloggers who have written about their experiences with these kinds of extended fasts and I've been wanting to try one for a while now.